1.  How is the Stonegate Citizens Association (SCA) different from a Homeowners Association ("HOA")?

A Home Owners Association is a legal entity, usually set up by the original developer of the community.  It includes documented rules which residents must adhere to.  Membership is normally mandatory - part of the purchase contract for the home. 

Our Citizen Association is a volunteer organization that enables the residents of the community to work together for the common good of the community. 

Some portions of the Greater Stonegate Community also have Home Owners Associations. 

2.  How is the SCA related to the Stonegate Swim Club?

The two are separate organizations operating in the same community.  There is overlap in membership and combined efforts on the community 4th of July activities.  Other than that, they are independent of one another.  The website address for the Stonegate Swim Club is:

3.  I get the SCAN for free, access to the SCA website and the Listserv for free, the 4th of July parade and picnic for free, I can sign up for the tennis list for free and I can attend the SCA meetings and presentations for free... Why should I become an SCA member? 

Serious issues that can impact our community sometimes come up quickly.  When they do, it is very valuable to have a high percentage of the residents already signed up as members of the Association.  It gives the elected officers of the SCA more credibility when representing the concerns of the community.  As an SCA member, you get to vote for the officers and on other SCA decisions.  SCA members also get a small discount if they want to advertise in the SCAN.  Beyond that, it is just a matter of good faith.  It is reasonable to share the cost of community amenities, just as it is reasonable to share the efforts associated with making Stonegate a great place to live.   

4.  What are the dues used for?

Dues and funds raised by advertising fees go towards maintaining two of the community entrances, room rental and other meeting costs, insurance, website fees, the annual 4th of July family day, contributor recognitions and various committee and minor administrative costs.  All participants are (un-paid) volunteers. 

5.  How often are the SCA meetings?

See the "Meetings" tab for general and specific information about the meetings.

6. Can the SCA make my neighbor take better care of his/her property to keep the neighborhood looking nice?

This is an example of a difference between a HOA and our citizens' association.  HOA rules sometimes include requirements such as keeping your garage door closed when not coming and going, keeping trash and recycling bins out of sight, limiting or requiring landscaping choices, etc. Homeowners are required to follow these rules.  

The SCA does not have the same authority.  Stonegate is a beautiful community and we hope a shared sense of community  pride encourages everyone to do their part to keep Stonegate beautiful.  We also hope that neighborly relationships within the community facilitate respectful resolution of issues.